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* No Extra Charges For International Customers

* Major Credit Cards Accepted(MC,Visa & Discover as well as checks and Money Orders) for Both the Down Payment and Monthly Payments

* Owner Financing available with No Credit Checks, Banks Are Not Involved

* 0% Interest Option with Low Down Payment or 15 Year, 20 Year or  30 Year Payment Schedules.

* No Prepayment Penalty 

* No Administrative Fees, Billing Fees or Hidden Fees

* All of our properties are very close to the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range which sits right along the backside of the town of San Luis.  All of our properties are well suited for animal lovers with horses, cattle, llamas, goats, chickens, dogs, etc... all welcome here. 

* RV's are allowed.

* Manufactured homes are welcome, but mobiles aren't.

* Camping is allowed on property.

* Buyer has immediate use of property.

* There are no time limits set regarding when one has to build or ever build. 

Taxes are low - a great retirement and investment.

All properties are guaranteed to be able to get a well permit. Average well depth is between 80 to 120 feet deep. All well properties will use a septic system.

* Most properties will be alternative sourced with solar power due to our extremely sunny climate.  We do offer traditional powered properties for those who do not feel comfortable with eco sourced power.

* Reichwein Ranches has very mild weather. We get very little moisture and the sun shines daily offering a great climate for outdoor activities year round. It doesn't get too hot or too cold for the most part.

* The mountains are just a couple of minutes from town. 

* We have several ski areas within an hour of us; Wolf Creek, Colorado, Red River,New Mexico and Taos, New Mexico and snowmobiling is abound.

* Our area has several mountain lakes and mountain streams for white water rafting, fishing and boating. They are all stocked with 18" to 24" Rocky Mountain Trout. Because of this our area is famous for this and we do get alot of fishing tourists on the weekend.

* Just like the fishing, we are also well known for our exceptional hunting. We have oversized elk herds especially. Writers describe them as "being quadruple" of what they should be. We see the big full sized rack males, also see a lot of antelopes and deer herds are beginning to return.

* Birdwatchers can find the Hooded Oriole, Lawrence's Goldfinch, and the Black-chinned Sparrow and many more.



Colorado County Seat:
San Luis

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A few words about Reichwein Ranches:
5 and 35 acre Colorado mountain horse properties in Southern Colorado

by Frank Reichwein

"Our family-run business was built throughout the years by my wife and I. Our Family is from St. Louis, Missouri, but my wife and I both went to college at Regis College in Denver, Colorado for a semester in 1959. We married in 1960. I met one of my good friends there that was from the San Luis Valley, and this was my connection and introduction to this area years later for buying Real Estate.

We were busy having 3 children (Julie, Mary Ann and Tricia) during the next 4 years, while I was busy continuing my education at Washington University Business School at night and working during the day. I worked hard to support my new family, and my wife worked hard at raising the kids. Together, we saved and put everything we could into buying real estate in the St. Louis area, where we lived at that time.

My daughter, Julie, once asked me how I got started with buying real estate, because my parents did not own any. I told her that is why I got into buying real estate, because I watched both my father and my wife's father work for the same company their entire life, just to be forced into retirement in their 60's with nothing more than a gold watch. My dad had absolutely nothing to his name and lived in a 2 bedroom apartment until he died, and I supported him. My wife's father had to take a minimum wage security job and died early a broken, sad man.

So I decided at a young age that this was not going to be my destiny, and I began to buy real estate with every spare $I could. I lived very frugally and put everything I could into real estate. I raised my children to do the same.

We ended up in the San Luis Valley of Colorado because my daughter, Julie Reichwein, went to College in 1980 in Gunnison, Colorado. I visited her on several occasions, and one of those times I decided to go and visit my friend Ernie Salaz in San Luis. That was the beginning of our purchasing land in this area, and our making it a new home.

As a result, I built Reichwein Ranches and accumulated thousands of acres in the San Luis Valley. My daughter, Julie Reichwein, has also been accumulating land over the years. We both were finally at a good time in our lives where we were able to offer Land For Sale, Owner-Financed with Low Down Payments, No Credit Checks, and also offer 0% Interest Financing, since all of our land is owned free and clear. We have new listings every week at www.//

Our family has always loved the outdoors and animals, so there was no better place to call home than Colorado as far as we were concerned. Colorado has been home for us for nearly 30 years.

I believe that this area is perfect for anyone looking for Colorado mountain land with spectacular views of Mt. Blanca and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, where you can have horses and dogs. A beautiful place where one can actually afford not just land but living with fantastic amenities like ski resorts, LOTS OF ELK FOR BIG GAME HUNTERS, LOTS OF 24"-26" RAINBOW AND BROWN TROUT FOR FISHING IN OUR MOUNTAIN LAKES, STREAMS AND RIVERS, AS WELL AS COLORADO SPORTFISH, GREAT TRAILS FOR HIKING, BIKING AND HORSEBACK RIDING, ALL AROUND, IN TOO MANY MOUNTAINS TO NAME or doing just plain nothing hanging out reading a book by one of the beautiful mountain reservoirs just enjoying the scenery. This area is within an hours drive of the Red River, Taos, Angel Fire and Santa Fe New Mexico or 90 minutes to Wolf Creek, Colorado.  It's very beautiful and there is so, so much to do here.

At the ranch, we have 4 Horses, 5 dogs, 2 puppies and a Llama. The family is always in change. This area is great for having animals, because of the open spaces, and we also have a nice climate year round for outdoor activities.  My daughter and I are the family business.  My wife is in heaven with some of our horses, dogs and friends. She was a big-time lover of Colorado, nature and animals, and she is missed dearly.

Because of our family's hard work and smart investing in real estate, we are in the rare position of owning the Colorado mountain property free and clear. This means you're able to buy the land with a low down payment, owner financing with no credit checks and a clear title. Our horse ranch is on the right side of State Highway 142, just 5.5 miles from San Luis; I see a lot of new landowners drive by as I'm feeding my horses and smiling ear to ear in happiness of their new land.  Makes my day!"

5 ACRES mountain view of THE SANGRE DE CRISTO MOUNTAINS from property sunset picture at Reichwein Ranches SLNE, San Luis, Colorado  81152

35 ACRE Subdivision at THE SANGRE DE CRISTO MOUNTAINS at Cumbra Vista        beautiful horse property at Reichwein Ranches, San Luis, Colorado  81152

Typical sunset at Reichwein Ranches, San Luis, Colorado  81152

5 ACRE property in the SANGRE DE CRISTO MOUNTAINS and the Rio Grande River famous for fishing large Rocky Mountain Trout at Reichwein Ranches, San Luis, Colorado  81152

5 Acre Properties/BLM surrounding/guaranteeing wild open spaces forever at THE SANGRE DE CRISTO MOUNTAINS at Reichwein Ranches, San Luis, CO  81152

Stabilization Reservior, fed by Culebra Creek, both a favorite drinking hole for the wild horses, and famous for the large Rocky Mountain Trout 3 miles south of San Luis on Highway 159 at THE SANGRE DE CRISTO MOUNTAINS at Reichwein Ranches, San Luis, Colorado  81152

Learn more about Reichwein Ranches' 5 and 35 acre Colorado mountain properties at

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